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How to download anime? Tutorial.
Need to find an anime you want to watch? Don't know where to start? For all you desperate anime fans, I've finally written down the downloading tutorial I promised long ago.

What do you need?
- Reliable Internet connection; it's better if you don't have a bandwidth limit. Anime (because it's video) takes a lot of space. It doesn't have to be fast, but it's always good if it is.
- A web browser. You will go to several pages during the process.
- IRC client. Something you will use for the downloading.

Is it free?
- Absolutely free. I wouln't bother writing down something that costs you money.

Is it legal?
- Depends. As far as I know, I can tell you this. You can download the anime without being afraid as long as it's not licensed in your country.
- To find out if it's licensed, look up pages like Wikipedia or some anime info sites (AnimeNFO, Anime News Network etc.).
- Never ever try to sell this stuff for money. That IS illegal and only a complete maggot would do that. Free is meant to stay free.
- If you feel like the authors of the anime made good work, you should support them by buying the official DVD/wahtever it's released on. It won't kill you.

So here we go. In my example, we will grab the anime "Fate/stay night".

1. Setting up AniDB (
- What is AniDB?
The Anime Database, known as AniDB in short, is the ultimate source for informations on anime you're lookig for.

- Setting up
You have to register (if you didn't do so yet) at the page because some function are no longer available for guests. Once you're done, log in with your profile.

2. Setting up IRC
- What is IRC?
IRC is a chatting protocol. Unlike instant messengers like ICQ or MSN, it's not based on client-to-client talks, instead it has sevrers and chatrooms.
- How do I set it up?
You need an IRC client program. I suggest using mIRC (, the native IRC client because it's good for resuming downloads. So download IRC and install it. It says it's a 30 day trial version, but when this expires, the program will still work; you just have to wait when it starts up.
When you first run mIRC, fill in your details. Use a valid e-mail address and an alphanumeric nickname and you should be fine.
- Before downloading
mIRC has weird default settings. Thus, you have to change them a bit or you wouldn't be able to receive the files. Go to Tools -> Option -> DCC -> Igonre, set "Method" to "Disabled" and uncheck "Turn ignore back in:".
- Receiving files
When a file is sent to you, it asks you what to do. If yo uwant the download, select Accept.
Never accept downloads you didn't ask for! It's rare (it only happened to me once so far), but sometimes someone may try to send you a virus. Do not accept "PornVideo.rar" if you didn't ask for it.
You will only receive files when you tell bots to send them to you.

3. Look up your anime
- Search
Fill in the anime name in the search field. If it doesn't find anything, check if you didn't make typos, try only searching part of the name or using the fulltext search. If you still can't find it, what you're looking for is not an anime. Or you jsut can't type ;)
So we fill in "fate/stay night"

- Results
The search either redirects you directly to the anime (our case) or returns a variety or matching results and it's up to you to choose the one you were looking for.

4. Check who is subbing it
- What is fansubbing?
Fansubs are fanmade subtitles. They are not commercial. They are made by fans for fans. It's their good will to give it to you. Fansubbers groups are groups of people who make subtitles for animes.
- Which groups do the anime you want?
Once logged in, you can see a list of groups subbing the anime in the page with anime description.

Fate/stay night (
In our example, we can see that the following groups completed the anime:
KRYM, mahou, E-G, Arigatou, Eclipse, KuroNeko
I recommend picking either the highest rated group or the group most users have files from or the group in the first place.
For our example, I take Eclipse. So Eclipse did Fate/stay night (the fansubs for it). Click Eclipse's name.

4. Check the fansubbers' group
- Group's info at AniDB
In here, you will see if the group has a website and/or an IRC channel.

Our example - Eclipse's AniDB info (
You can see Eclipse have a page and an IRC channel. That's fine. Go check out their page.
You can access the channel by clicking it's link in your browser if you have mIRC installed now. However, I recommend you learn how to join a channel manually so you won't have to rely on finding hyperlinks.
To join a channel manually, you have to connect to the server where it's located in first. So, in a server window, write "/s -m yoursite.tld" (replace "yoursite.tld" with the server name - in our example, you write "/s -m"). Then you join the channel by typing "/join #channel" (replace "#channel" with the channel name - in our example, write "/join #eclipse") in the newly opened server window.

- Group's website
Some groups have DDL links on their websites, so you don't have to bother with IRC at all while other have packlists that are very handy. Many groups have forums which sometimes substitute the main websites in this.

Our example - Eclipse website (
Now notice what they hve on the site. YOu opened the FAQ page. Fine. Read it, it's a nice FAQ.
What we're interested in is the XDCC link in the navigation. Seems like Eclipse have a XDCC bot listing on their website. We will use it to get the text to write in order to start the download.

- Group's IRC channel
The IRC channels are the place you download anime from.
When you come to the IRC channel, you may read their rules. If you behave following common sense, you shouldn't get banned anyway.

Our example
write "/s -m" and "/join #eclipse" as I mentioned before. Now you're in the #eclipse IRC channel. #eclipse is quite big, so there can be about 1000 users connected. Maybe you will see me there (I use JohnBeak nickname on Rizon).

- Bots
There are bots in the channels. Bots look like regular users. They're what you download from. Basically, you send the bot a private message and it sends you back the file.

Our example
Now go back to the Eclipse website. Go to the XDCC page. You will get a listing. Find Fate/stay night.
You will see something like this:
[Eclipse] Fate-stay night - 01 (1024x576 h264) [DF5E50EE].mkv /msg eclipse|ichigo xdcc get #57
[Eclipse] Fate-stay night - 01 (h264) [240F30D6].mkv /msg eclipse|ichigo xdcc get #62
[Eclipse] Fate-stay night - 01 (XviD) [CE062934].avi /msg eclipse|ichigo xdcc get #63
[Eclipse] Fate-stay night - 02 (1024x576 h264) [05F88FB2].mkv /msg eclipse|ichigo xdcc get #58
[Eclipse] Fate-stay night - 02 (h264) [1AF16BB9].mkv /msg eclipse|ichigo xdcc get #64
[Eclipse] Fate-stay night - 02 (XviD) [FF455508].avi /msg eclipse|ichigo xdcc get #65
What to do now? Pick one of the files you want and copy the text on the right.
/msg eclipse|ichigo xdcc get #62
I send private message... - /msg the user (bot)... - eclipse|ichigo
...saying please send me... - xdcc get
...this file! - #62
Paste it in the server window.

Accept the pack and have it.

- What if I get disconnected before the files finishes downloading?
Don't worry, you usually don't have to redownload it. Just ask for the same pack again and Resume your download. You can continue where you left off. This is one thing i really like on downlaoding via IRC.

- What if there's no list?
It may happen the group has no xdcc listing. Sometimes you can guess who is the bot (for example Eclipse has this bot eclipse|ichigo). You just write him "/msg username xdcc list". Now look to the channel where the bot is. It either writes down the list of files or tells you something like "xdcc list denied, look at page (link here) for packlists" or "xdcc list deined, request pack #1 for packlist". So do as it tells you. In case the user you jsut PMed is not a bot, you may look a bit dumb, but you will survive it. Unless it's an angry admin ;) Most channels have something liek !triggers which tells you how to find the wanted packlist.

- There are more versions of the file. Which one should I pick?
Usually, the groups only release one version of the file. However, some groups prefer to release more version (like Eclipse did with Fate/stay night - they have an AVI version, MKV version and later released first three episodes in higher resolution in MKV). This is really up to you. h264 is the best video codec. MKV, OGM and MP4 formats are better than AVI. On the other hand, DVD players and simialr stuff usually can only play AVIs. It's really up to you whichever you pick. I prefer MKV and having the whole series in one format (so I would download the lower res MKVs for first three eps Fate/stay night).

- How do I play that file in a weird format? Do I need to downlaod a special player?
You don't; what you need is codecs. With right codecs, even Windows Media Player will play anything (though it may say it doesn't know the filetype).
Either get CCCP (Combined Communiy Codec Pack) or download Zoom Player and use it's Download Center to keep up with the most recent audio and video codecs.

If you didn't get something in my tutorial, write me. I know I could put in some more links and pictures, but I'm lazy and tired atm. And you can always use Google.

John Beak, 16.11.2007